Sunrise Sanctuary is home to many ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens and even two peacocks!  We love our bird family.  So many people are shocked at how sweet and loving many of them can be.  They are all very special, social, and smart beings.  Some love pets and attention and others prefer that you admire them from a short distance.

The Sunrise Chickens

In the Spring of 2018, we received a call about a university that had concluded a fertility study using chickens and the chickens were to be destroyed.  This kind rescuer was attempting to place as many of these beautiful birds as possible.  We felt compelled to take a few in.   They are incredibly social and highly food motivated!  They are so happy in their new home and we are thrilled to have them.  A special thank you to our friends at the Columbus Veg Community for transporting them to us.


Pepper and Prudence

Pepper (right) and Prudence came to us as a rescue from a situation where they were not being well cared for.  A neighbor intervened and convinced the owner to surrender them.  They are happy here at Sunrise and enjoy exploring the property with their duck and pig friends.

Ducks and Geese

Sunrise is home to 28 domestic geese, 2 special needs canadian geese and many ducks including Pekin, Mallard, Scotish and Muscovy.  Most of the birds prefer to be admired from a short distance, but come running at feed time.  They spend most of their time together digging up worms in the pasture or swimming in the pond.  They are very beautiful and loving in their own way.  Many of these special beings have come to us as owner surrender or abandoned.  We are often asked if all of our birds have names.  They do not, quite frankly, it is pretty hard to tell most of htem apart.  But, a bird comes to us as a companion and is named, they name stays and they are called by name often enough that they do tend to respond.  When you visit, you will likely be introduced to our special needs canadian goose, Little Wing, our precious and very senior Muscovy Duck, Supper, our little Pekin Crackers, and our two newest duck rescues Huck and Lila.