Mindy Mallett, Founder and Executive Director at Sunrise Sanctuary

Mindy is the original heart and soul of Sunrise Sanctuary. She started the sanctuary in 2001 to give animals a place to be accepted and loved. Mindy cares for the animals on a daily basis – she gives them healthy food, fresh water, proper vet care, and lots of love!  Mindy makes sure that the animals at Sunrise are free to roam, bask in the sun, cuddle in the straw, slop through a puddle, and sleep as long as they want to. After all, they have earned it!

Message from Mindy:

          Even as a very young girl growing up in Brooklyn, NY animals were my whole world.  I spent much of my time in basements searching for stray and abandoned cats and dogs and saved all that I could.  I used to get the Peta Magazines and cry endlessly over the thought of all of those poor farmed animals who had almost no protection from abuse and neglect.  Today, because of wonderful volunteers and supporters, we are saving as many as we responsibly can and educating everyone we encounter about the importance of ensuring that all animals are treated with the love, respect, and dignity they deserve.  Thank you so much if you for being a friend of Sunrise, we only exist because you make it possible.  

                                  Mindy Mallett


Mindy gives every animal at Sunrise the kindness, love and attention they all need and deserve.