Sunrise is home to four of the most handsome, lovable, and affectionate steers you could ever meet.  They would love to meet you in person, in the mean time, their stories are below.

Baby Moo

Baby Moo came to Sunrise in August of 2014 as the result of what was an international effort. After being rejected by his mother, Baby Moo’s future did not look bright. The rancher who was raising Baby Moo asked his tenant, a woman named Cookie, to care for the calf. In caring for Baby Moo, Cookie quickly fell in love with him and became determined to rescue him. A contact of Cookie’s in Canada set up a GoFundMe drive to help raise the money needed to get Baby Moo out of harms way. In just a few short days and with the help of people all over the world, enough money was raised to secure Baby Moo’s freedom. Cookie reached out to us to see if we could be Baby Moo’s safe haven. Soon thereafter, Baby Moo came to Sunrise, where he has quickly become buddies with his fellow animals and stolen the hearts of all our visitors!

Baby Moo is a playful, outgoing boy! He is usually wrestling around with his goat friend Woody or grazing in the fields with his cow pal Rowan! He can also be very sweet and loving, and loves neck rubs!


Buddy came to Sunrise as a 4 year old steer in 2021 after loosing his pasture and facing an uncertain future.  Buddy was a twin that was rejected by his mother and was bottle fed and raised by a wonderful lady who loved him very much as a companion.  Despite coming from a cattle farming family, she would let no harm come to sweet Buddy and we were contacted to provide him a home.  Buddy fit in immediately and became fast friends with Rowan. The two are almost always together.  Buddy is laid back and enjoys his days roaming the pasture and grazing with all his animal friends.

Rowan (little red head)

Rowan came to us in March of 2017 from a family member of a cattle farmer who had passed away.  Her family wouldn’t let her save all the members of the herd, but as Rowan was bottle fed, they agreed to let her save him. She contacted us and his story touched our hearts and as a result Rowan came home to Sunrise.  Rowan is a very sweet soul and loves his brothers Wooly Bully and Baby Moo very much!

Wooly Bully

Wooly Bully is our newest steer rescue.  His human guardians passed away within 14 months of each other. Bully was taken in by them when a local farmer was getting ready to shoot him and they could not see that happen. They were nearly 80 years old at the time. After they passed, the son paid someone to take him feed and check in on him, but not being local he really could not care for him and Bully was now totally alone.  Although we are very full, Wooly Bully’s story captured our hearts. He is 10 years old and such a sweet and gentle soul. For now, he has made his home up front with the farm pigs.  He enjoys their company and keeping tabs on the human goings on by the main house.  Of course, he is always welcome to join the other steers in the back pasture area.