The animals would love to meet you!

Sunrise Sanctuary provides many opportunities for you to visit.  Our all volunteer staff spends most of our time tending to the needs of the Sunrise animal family, and keeping their living spaces clean and well maintained is top priority!  So, instead of daily hours, which is not workable, we have Open Barns Days Monthly from March to October and also several on farm events throughout the year so that we are able to share the Sunrise experience with you.

During Open Barn Days we literally open the farm to the public so that you can meet and mingle with the special beings that call Sunrise home and meet other like minded animal lovers!  This is one of our larger fundraising initiatives, so we do charge admission. All of the proceeds go directly toward caring for our precious animal family.  To  ensure a safe and enjoyable visit, we do limit attendance these days and we ask that you purchase tickets in advance so that we can ensure there are enough volunteers on hand to make this a safe and enjoyable visit. 

If you would like to visit, please check our schedule for upcoming Open Barn Days and Events by clicking on the Visit tab.  We hope to see you soon!

For questions on visiting, please email