We would love to hear from you!

As you can imagine, we are not near a phone often.  When you call, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  The best way to reach us is by email (see list below) or Facebook message and we will try to respond within 24 hours.

We love visitors!  We have several opportunities to visit during the year including Open Barn Days and two farm events.  Open barn days began in April and are held once a month through October.  We also have an annual summer event (Sunday, August 7th) and Thanksgiving for the Turkeys (Sunday, November 13th).  Please see our open barn day schedule for 2022 and upcoming events under the Visit tab.  If you wish to volunteer, please fill out the volunteer information sheet under the How You Can Help tab.

Our Mailing Address is: 16730 Martin Welch Road, Marysville, OH 43040

Phone Number:  937-578-8771

For all media inquiries and social media related requests, please contact Liz Maselli, Director of social media and Media Relations liz@sunrisesanctuary.org

To reach Mindy Mallett, our Executive Director and Founder, contact mindy@sunrisesanctuary.org

For inquiries about corporate sponsorships, grant or events, contact Cammy Ripley at cammy@sunrisesanctuary.org

For information about private tours, individual and corporate volunteer opportunities, contact Sandy Horvath sandy@sunrisesanctuary.org

If you need help with wildlife, please contact the Ohio Wildlife Center.

If you need help with a dog or cat, please contact the Union County Humane Society or the Columbus Humane.

​Unfortunately, we cannot take in more animals at this time. It breaks our hearts to turn any animal away; we would love to help them all.  However, we have an obligation to ​provide proper care to the animals that already reside at Sunrise Sanctuary. We thank you for your understanding.