Chance is the most loveable pitbull you could ever meet and the official greeter of Sunrise Sanctuary.  Twelve years ago, Mindy Mallett heard about a pitbull puppy someone had purchased at a flea market and was keeping locked in a small bathroom 24/7.  Mindy knew she had to rescue this precious boy. Otherwise, without proper socialization, love and affection, his future would indeed be bleak.  She was able to talk the owner out of the baby, who became Chance.  Chance loves his life and the Sanctuary and gets along with all the animals.  He and our Holstein Steer Wesley, are especially close.  This pair has been featured on Animal Planet and in the Dodo for their special interspecies friendship.  When you visit, you will surely be greated by Chance and might even get a wet sloppy kiss if you’re up for it.  Chance is our only canine resident.

Some of our many Sunrise Cats

Including feral cats, we have 32 members of the feline family that call Sunrise home.  Some of our precious babies are shown below.

Aiden and Gypsy

Gypsy (left) was abandoned as a small kitten.  Just weeks old, she was found under a car in a busy section of Marysville.  While we already had a very large cat population, we could not let anything bad happen to this little one, so she came to live at Sunrise.  Shortly after her arrival, we took in Aiden who was an owner surrender with few options to keep Gypsy company.  Most of our cats are older and Gypsy wasn’t doing well being the only kitten.  Aiden was younger and they bacame fast friends.


Paulie was an owner surrender.  He had lived in a couple of homes and sadly was just not getting along with the other cats.  It was stressful for them and him and we made the decision that we could take just one more cat.  Having so many already, we were hopefull he would get along with everyone and fortunately he does.  He is a precious boy that seems to love his new brothers and sisters and is showered with love and attention from everyone here.


Teddy has been at Sunrise for many years and is such a special boy.  We call him our barn cat because he loves to hang out in the barns with the larger animals.  Of course, he comes in the house to eat his meals and is the sweetest boy you will ever meet.  When you come to Sunrise for a visit, many of the cats are inside and not part of the tour, but Teddy is always around.  Plan to see him and give him a scratch on the head when you do.  Here, it looks like Teddy’s had a long day keeping everyone in line.


Toby is another cat that spends most of his time in the back pasture area.  He loves to follow volunteers and much to their shock and surprise will randomly jump on their backs and try to go for a ride.  Toby is as curious as, well, a cat.  He has been known to jump in the vets truck more than once and fortunately, they know to look and always ensure he stays when they go.


Precious Midge was born at Sunrise.  We ensure there is no breeding here and all animals that come are spayed or neutered. However, Midge is the daughter of Sierra (a.k.a. Momma), who came to us very pregnant and gave birth to six precious babies the day after she arrived.  Midge is a healthy girl as you can see, but eats the same diet as the rest of the feline family.  As she tells us, she’s not fat, she’s stout.


Precious Sammy.  Sammy was in a bad acident before he came to us and the owner could not afford the veterinary bills to save him, so he came to us.  Sammy is missing one of his back legs, but that does not slow him down a bit.  He can run, jump and climb as well as anyone.  He hangs around the house a lot, always looking for a belly rub and scratch behind the ear.

Beth, Charlie, and Diablo

These beautiful kitties came to us as kittens. They were abandoned at a very young age and found in a drain pipe. They were too young to survive on their own and had few options.  They are very sweet kitties and spend most of their day lounging around the house and trying to fool us by pretending to be one of the other cats – they look so much alike!  They are friendly and love to meet people, but spend very little time with each other.

Sunrise Rabbits

Sunrise Sanctuary is home to Munch (white bunny) and Finn (no, not the Law and Order detectives), they are our bunnies!  Both were headed to auction where their future was most definitely not good.  Housed in small crates so small they could not stand or move, it sure seemed that things would not end well for them.  But end well it did, and they spend their days as house bunnies and much of their time roaming around the house with the cats.  We are one big happy family here at Sunrise.

Sunrise Rats

Sunrise is home to 19, yes, 19 rats!  Someone was trying to rehome two female rats and they had to “be gone now”.  Fearing these rats would not meet a happy fate, Mindy rescued them.  Betty and Greta are loveable little girls!  However, we received a surprise just a month later, as both came to Sunrise pregnant.  One had 10 babies and the other had 11.  A long-term volunteer and great friend to Sunrise adopted 4 of these precious souls when they were able to be separated from the mothers.  The remaining rats now and will forever call Sunrise home.  They are a delight!