Sunrise Sanctuary is home to 7 sheep, 2 llamas and 4 goats.  They are all one big happy family here at Sunrise, but each one is a unique and special being!

George and Gracie – our Llamas

George and Gracie arrived at Sunrise as a result of a divorce. Don’t get me wrong, they are fine. Their people were getting divorced and could not agree on what to do with them. They did ultimately decide to send them to live at Sunrise! Fun Fact, George and Gracie are both females.

The Sunrise Sheep Family


Dog came to us from another sanctuary that shut its doors due to lack of funding. He has been here approximately 10 years. Dog gets his name because he is so friendly he’ll follow you around like a dog, except when he’s with the other sheep then he has to follow the herd or ruin his reputation with them.  Sheep fall into peer pressure just like humans.


Robert is our most recent sheep arrival. He is the product of a divorce and was in a home where he was the only sheep among horses.  He had no problem fitting in here, though he tends to be found with the horses more than the sheep. I don’t think anyone has let him know he’s not a horse and we don’t have to heart to tell him either.  Robert is ten years old and it’s obvious he has been raised with a lot of love and affection. If you come to one of our Open Barn Days, you will generally find him following someone around.

Bo, Luke and Daisy


Bo, Luke, and Daisy have been at Sunrise for many years. Like Shilo, they were from an neglect case.  Luke and Daisy are Corriedale sheep and Bo is a Horned Dorsett.  They spend much of their time together, but love all their sheep siblings and enjoy the company of visitors as well!


Several sheep came to us many years ago as part of an neglect case.  Shilo was in that group.  Shilo (aka Shy) is a little cautious with people and probably always will be.  She is a precious soul and such a graceful older lady.  She is about 12 years old, which is pretty old for a sheep.  She enjoyes lounging around the farm, grazing, and taking long naps.  Be sure to say hello when you see her, but expect her to say hello back from a distance.


Spot is a precious soul!  She is an older lady, but definitely the herd leader of the sheep at Sunrise.  She came with most of our sheep many years ago.  Being in charge of everyone is a full time job for Spot, but she does take a break sometimes to just relax and soak up the sunshine.

Sunrise Goats


Lucky is one lucky boy indeed!  He was kept at a farm and used as coyote bait.  Fortunately, he came to us before anything bad happened to him.  He was never socialized and remains cautious around people to this day, but he is getting friendlier and now even takes treats from your hand.  He spends much of his time hiding in the hay feeder (we know he’s there, but he thinks he’s hiding).


We’re thinking woody must be part cat, surely he has 9 lives.  He was an owner surrender many years ago and survived an accident that left him with only one horn.  To this day, we are not sure what happened to him, we suspect we was roughhousing with our ram and their horns locked.  OSU came out and performed emergency surgery on Woody, saving his life.  You can expect Woody to follow you around the farm and introduce you to everyone else (at least that’s what he thinks he’s doing) when you come for a visit.

Panda and Millie

Panda (right) came to us in 2017 and was a product of “herd reduction”. Many breeders do not need more than a few males from a litter causing them to become a mere by-product of reproduction. Often times the goats are used for meat which is sadly a popular option in the US.  Panda will get to live life undaunted with the fear that his life will end to merely fill a dinner plate.  Millie was an owner surrender many years ago and she and Panda became fast friends and spend much of their time together.