Sunrise Sanctuary is home to 6 sheep, 2 llamas and 4 goats.  They are all one big happy family here at Sunrise, but each one is a unique and special being!

George and Gracie – our Llamas

George and Gracie arrived at Sunrise as a result of a divorce. Don’t get me wrong, they are fine. Their people were getting divorced and could not agree on what to do with them. They did ultimately decide to send them to live at Sunrise! Fun Fact, George and Gracie are both females.

The Sunrise Sheep Family


Spot is a precious soul!  Spot came to us with a larger group of sheep in 2006 and at 15 years old is the sole survivor of the group.  She is an older lady and has gotten quite affectionate as she has aged.    These days you will find spot grazing in the pastures sometines with our younger sheep, but often with her friend Mille the goat and her Llama buddies.  She will always come to our caretakers for her daily sheepie massages.  It’s very difficult to get anything done when spots around.

Asia, Frieda, Kanjen, Mrs. Potts and Hawks

These beautiful babies came to Sunrise in the spring of 2021.  A well meaning lady in Indiana rescued 12 sheep several years ago and did not ensure that no reproduction took place.  Soon, she ended up with over 70 sheep.  A large rescue effort was undertaken by Kanda Sanctuary and rescuer Stacy Jenkins (this is how little Kanjen who came to us at 3 days old got her name) and the sheep were placed with several sanctuaries.

Sunrise Goats


Lucky is one lucky boy indeed!  He was kept at a farm and used as coyote bait.  Fortunately, he came to us before anything bad happened to him.  He was never socialized and remains cautious around people to this day, but he is getting friendlier and now even takes treats from your hand.  He spends much of his time hiding in the hay feeder (we know he’s there, but he thinks he’s hiding).

Panda and Millie

Panda (right) came to us in 2017 and was a product of “herd reduction”. Many breeders do not need more than a few males from a litter causing them to become a mere by-product of reproduction. Often times the goats are used for meat which is sadly a popular option in the US.  Panda will get to live life undaunted with the fear that his life will end to merely fill a dinner plate.  Millie was an owner surrender many years ago and she and Panda became fast friends and spend much of their time together.


Little Jefferson came to Sunrise in 2020 at about 6 months of age.  He lived with a loving family and their 2 larger dogs.  Jefferson got to be quite a little handful and they realized he need more space where he could work off his young goat energy.  Jefferson is a very active and sweet little man.  He is always into something and you definitely do not want to sit your belongs down and leave them unattended.  We have also found out that you want to make sure the keys are not left in the tractor.