Sunrise Sanctuary is home to 3 horses, 3 mini-horses,  and 2 donkeys.  All are the most special beings you could ever meet.  They are smart, funny, and despite their obvious differences, make one happy herd!  They would love to meet you in person; in the meantime, please meet our equine family here.


Roscoe is a sweet, funny boy!  He hangs around with all new arrivals to make sure they feel welcome and find their way around. He also is notorious for paying very close attention to new people too!  So, when you come to Sunrise and think you are being followed, you are!  Don’t worry, he just wants to be your friend.


Willie came to us from ACT (Animal Cruelty Taskforce) of Ohio. Willie used to live with a horse. His previous owner relocated his horse friend and Willie was left all alone. He became very depressed as a result of this, ACT stepped in to help relocate Willie to somewhere where he could interact with other animals. Willie fits right in at Sunrise. He has made many new friends is very happy here! He and Roscoe have become especially close.  Thank you @marcoem82 for this amazing photo.


Sweet Cheyenne is about 36 years old and one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet.  When she got older, her owner wanted to get rid of her and fortunately found us. Options for older or retired horses, sadly, are pretty bleak and usually things do not end well for them.  Cheyenne is one of the lucky ones.  She is happy, safe, and loved here at Sunrise.  She does not see well, the vision in one eye is pretty bad and the other eye was removed in 2017 becuase of an ulcer.  Her impaired vision has not slowed her down one bit, but you do need to make sure she knows you are around her to keep from startling her.  A “hello Cheyenne, how are girl?” loud enough for her to hear when approaching, will keep you both safe!


Beautiful Alice is our only thoroughbred horse and came to us from a humane society who took her from the owner because of severe neglect.  Her owner had other horses, and treated them well, but they didn’t like Alice and she was rarely out of the stall and very underweight when she came.  She bouced right back and has made great friends here at Sunrise, animal and human alike.


Our Minature Horses, Strawberry, Lakota and JJ

Strawberry and Lakota (top) came to Sunrise from an owner who had two “pet quality” horses for sale at a “kill buyer” price.  In other words, these two beautiful souls were likely headed to slaughter.  The owner ultimately agreed to surrender both Strawberry and Lakota and allow them to come live at Sunrise Sanctuary where they would be forever safe and loved.  Shortly after the girls were brought to Sunrise, Strawberry’s son JJ joined them.