Sunrise Sanctuary is so fortunate to have generous grantors and corporate sponsors.  We are honored to be supported by so many individuals, companies, grantors, donors, volunteers and friends over the years.  As an all volunteer organization, we rely heavily on donations, volunteers, corporate friends and grantors and we cannot thank them enough.  There have been so many people over the years contribute to the cause and help us do what we do that we cannot possibly thank everyone here. Below are some grantors and corporate supporters that have helped us with recent projects and events.

We are honored to have had the support of generous grantors throughout the years and have been able to continually expand the work we do and keep our animal family warm, safe, and comfortable largely because of their kindness and support.  We cannot thank them enough.

The George and Margaret McLane Foundation has generously provided us with much needed funds to expand our pig enclosure to ensure we can continue to rescue and care for these magnificant creatures and allow the ones we have ample room to roam, explore and play.  The generousity will allow us to give our old barns a much needed overhaul (pending for fall of this year) and other very important infrastructure improvements.  We cannot thank them enough.

The ASPCA has kindly provided funds to help us build a corral for our animals and fence in an additional four acres.  The additional space gives our animals much more room and access to a hay field, which is an important part of their diet and saves money on the hay we have to purcase.  Thank you ASPCA.

A Well Fed World was kind enough to provide funds for a sheep building so the sheep family could have a warm, cozy space to call their own.  Thank you Well Fed World.

A big thank you to Ohio Coalition for Animals and the Ohio Horse Plate for their continued support. Our equine family benefits greatly from they funds that help buy hay, the hay feeders which help to conserve the hay we buy and the other projects that are so important to our horses and donkeys.  Ohio Horses and Pets Ohio do so much for all of Ohio Animals.  Show your love for animals by proudly displaying one of their license plates! or

Corporate Sponsors

We are so fortunate to have corporate sponsors that support us in many ways, whether it is by providing items for our silent auctions, a percentage of sales or donated items for the farm. Kindly thank the following businesses for being so good to us over the years. Kindly thank them when you go into their business and support them, so they will continue to support Sunrise Sanctuary.  Don’t forget to mention you heard about them through Sunrise.

6th Commandment Vegan

A to Z Candles

AMC Theaters

Astral Designs

Cedar Point

The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Cavaliers

The Columbus Crew

Columbus Funny Bone



Divine Tofu

Esther the Wonder Pig

Eden Perfumes

Foertmeyer @ Sons Greenhouse

Go Max Go

Herbivore Botanicals

It’s All Natural

The Little Kitchen Food Truck

The Loving Hut


Naomi B. Arts and Crafts

Pattycake Vegan Bakery

Paul Fletcher Art


Ruff on Bugs

Unicorn Goods

Tofu Louie

Vegan Veins

The Yoga Animalia Project